Chante Moody

Chante Moody

I'm a mother of six children. I am working on a bachelor's degree to teach middle school language arts, social studies, and science. I have written a few picture books and YA novels that I am trying to get published. I also make money to pay for tuition by selling arts and crafts I make as a hobby.

I don't have much spare time, because of I'm often busy with my children, school, looking for publishers, and dealing with my lupus and systemic sclerodema. But, when I do have spare time I like using it to make a variety of arts and crafts.

Currently, I've been focusing on making digital art using the Microsoft Paint app because the app is free and it is easy to save and share my work. I have a very old desktop PC that a stylus can't be used with; so, I use my PC mouse. After selling a few more pictures I'll buy a touch screen laptop with a stylus and I'll get Photoshop, so I can make much better quality paintings.

I mainly make colorful digital landscapes found in nature or ones that come from my imagination. I also make colored digital sketches. I also like making black and white portraits using sketch paper and ink, or charcoal and graphite, or colored pencil. I also crochet blankets, hats, gloves, mittens, halter tops, and Easter style dresses for babies and toddlers.