Fran's Art World an International ISO9001 Company

Fran's Art World an International ISO9001 Company

People, artists, art galleries, and auction houses who are looking for artists’ work that is very unique in design and a modern way of using plaster in artwork paintings as the media, you need not look any further than Fran’s World of Artwork, designed and painted by Fran Feerer.

Fran's Plaster Artwork is not limited to framed paintings; Fran's unique Plaster ingredients wired structure can be applied directly to walls, Wood, Metal or any other surface permanently.

A member of a long family of artists. Fran began her artwork influenced and corroborated by Phyllis Tanner a graduate of the Pratt School of Art in Brooklyn, NY, who this tribute is in honor of.

Phyllis used oriental colors and design in her artwork and in the movie titles and musical album artwork for movies such as The Man with the Golden Arm 1955, St. Joan of Arc 1957. Posters and Ads for Bonjour Tristesse. Otto Preminger 1958, Exodus 1960, Walk on the Wild Side 1962 as well as It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World - Stanley Kramer 1963, and the Pink Panther movie and music album artwork for Henry Mancini to include numbers of other Henry Mancini musical album covers throughout the 1960s for the Saul Bass Studios in Hollywood, CA., and the Lawry's Seasoning products Logal still on the grocery shelves today (See Picture above in the top left corner). A small sample of the Awards given to Phyllis Tanner in her career; AIGA 1956, AIGA 1959, Leo Lionne 1956, AIGA Fifty Advertisements of the Year 1956-1957, The Art Directors Club of New York 1958.

Joseph Tanner also influenced Fran through his crafting of the horse and the Bare Armor metal making for the "Shining Knight" and the horse restored by Fran, displayed in the Gallery. The rotating stand, with the original bearing, that Joseph Tanner built for use when he was crafting the horse and knight is included.

The Knight in Shining Armor