My name is Don Walker, and I am fulfilling my dream doing Graphic Arts.
I’am a Born Again Christian from Parkersburg, West Virginia in the United States.
I love doing Graphic Art Design, and started doing it in 2009.
I’am self taught in doing this kind of Art.
I never know how something is going to turn out when I start.

My goal is to produce outstanding artwork.
Making every new design more spatacular than the design before it.
I would love to see my art be put onto products, and sold around the world.
As an artist this is what I aspire to do.
I once heard someone say if you can take what you love to do,
and make a living with it, you will be very happy in life,
So I pray for success with this endeavor.

As an Autistic person with Asperger Syndrome Disorder,
many things do not come easy for me, but Art is something that I’m really good at.
It keeps me occupied, and takes my mind off of stuff.
I consider my art talent a Gift from God.

But always remember that no matter who you are,
or the difficulities you face in life there is something you can excel at,
and it’s up to you to discover it, and develope your skills in it.
That’s something GOD has put into all of us.

Don Walker, ARTIST.