Art that you love

Art that you love

Every work I start is an experiment.

There's more to words to describe the evolution of each idea in the space and time it takes for it to materialize.

There's the emotion I have for it, the feelings that arise at each stage of the making and then there's the joy of seeing that idea accomplished into a work or a series.

My purpose is to create something that is meaningful and personal as well as deeply connected to the present moment through the topics that I choose to represent.

Images and contexts that are directly derived from the human spirit, from the casual of civilization and evolution. Images of consumption and desire.

Emotions like love, lust and joy get mixed together with powerful social statements and intriguing colors. The result is a complex mix of images and shapes. My intention is to achieve surprising associations of imagery: a reflection of my way of seeing life.

Progress is the main selling point of our modern civilization, the core values of our Freudian and Jungian nature have remained unchanged.

The clash of these values with the necessities of the modern times is what I am interested in introducing and exploring in my body of works. I use computer graphics and imagery to create new value and meaning.

As the director of a theater play, I am enjoying setting up the scene with the heroes of the stories that I tell. The power and might of these images seem timeless and majestic.