Of Shadows and Light

Of Shadows and Light


Fine Arts photographer based in Edenderry, Ireland.
Dominic has always nurtured a keen interest in, and love of photography, from 35mm film right through to current digital mediums.

His photography seeks to capture the ‘precious little things’ that so often get overlooked as we journey through life. The gems hidden in the cracks just waiting to be discovered.
We look with our eyes, but we ‘see’ with our souls. Everything is connected.
His work seeks to tease out the invisible strings that form these connections.

All Dominic's work is influenced and guided by a deep love and awareness of Nature.
It is a focus on the ‘inner’ and attempts to capture not just a snap-shot in time, but the emotions and feelings associated with that moment also.

The majority of images are taken using semi-pro Canon equipment, although the technical aspects of his image taking are often the least important. The more recent work is textured, layered and processed in Photoshop. All textures used are his original creations.