Dobrotsvet Art

Dobrotsvet Art

Hi! I'm Irina Dobrotsvet, the designer behind Dobrotsvet Art. Our little “company” is just a creative trio with my parents (that is why our logo has three petals). They instilled in me a love of art from early childhood. And now, after many years, we also continue to draw with great inspiration. My father is a talented architect and artist, and my mother and I are self-taught artists.

When my sons were babies, we drew many animal illustrations for them.Then we released a small edition of books with riddles for children, illustrated by us, and donated them to the children's library. We are feel blessed to share our artwork and to know that it makes others happy.

Have a question or need help finding the right print? Contact me and I'll be happy to help!

Peace and love, Irina Dobrotsvet

Landscape paintings

Abstract paintings

Birds and animals