DM GRACE Gallery

DM GRACE Gallery

I am the purest form of an inspired artist; I am not an academic artist. My Inspirations begin as mental sketches engendered by current events, intellectual or musical discoveries, life experiences, failures, loss, blissful moments of success, the kindness of a stranger, a new friend.....

I paint Abstracts including Landscapes, Seascapes, Expressionism, and Fluid Art Paintings.

I paint with my hands mostly but mediums reach canvas by any means necessary: brush, knife, liquid, fingers & toes, all of which seem appropriate, primary and secondary but colors are layered accordingly.

My preferred medium is Resin paint. The medium is chosen based on the desired colors and consistency rather than what is displayed on the label! Resin Paint that was designed for Glass, Metal, Porcelain and Fabric is beautiful on Canvas when several layers are applied. When the paint is dry, the colors may compliment, contrast or even appear discordant. The finish is shiny, with a texture that appears almost 3D like, as it is raised off the canvas.

The results are lush and vibrant. Landscapes and Seascapes poised with kinetic energy as one experiences continents dropping into vast oceans of color; powerful colors define nimbostratus and cumulonimbus regions that transition to delicate cirrus regions with so much force that one can actually feel the transition on the canvas.

Natural light arcing its way across the canvass reveals an apparition one did not notice, a lone amphibian adrift in a massive alien ocean, or lovers locked in a gentle embrace.

Abstract Painitngs

Impressionism Paintings

Fluid Art Paintings