Melitta Dobrescu

Melitta Dobrescu

For 30 days I will sell my drawings at this promotional price,that you can see on this site,so if you enjoy my art and wish for one on your own home/office or anywhere,this is the moment😉

About me🤗:
Born in Transilvania,the passion for graphic started in early childhood,from the age of 10,when the proof of her talent were the walls of their house,used as sheets,in the moment of inspiration and creativity,trying to materialise and express it in a physical plane.Her talent was polished for 8 years,graduating from art school,obtaining a certificate in graphic arts.Her optimistic,vibrant and happy personality brings good moode those around her.Her nice and honest character,possesing an independent winner spirit,helps her in everything she does.
Drawings she creates are themed around....
The style and form of her design were inspired by her daugther Lunna doodling on a piece of paper when she was at a young age in 2007, opening the door to a new style.
Melitta has been honing her artistic visions to a sofisticated drawing level in the past 13 years. Her work was displayed in several art exibitions around the world from Europe to North America, most notably in Bucharest, Paris and New York.
She collaborated with book publishers, art curators and appeared in several magazine publishings. Melitta also dedicates her art work to charity organizations and charitable events that is close to her heart.
She has three major collections of work from 2007 to 1014 called 'Vision From Dark-Light'
2015 to 2020 called 'High-Tech' and “Go with the flow” 2020,mixed technique between drawings and painting.
Each drawings in the collections are original one-of-a-kind art pieces.She is a member of the Astician Artist of France named Artmonalisa.

Visions from Dark-light

High-Tech collection