DEMArtwork (Denise Elaine Morgan)

DEMArtwork (Denise Elaine Morgan)


Denise Morgan was born in London, England, but resided in Canada in her formative years. After returning to England, she traveled throughout Europe by motorbike and worked in the gaming business as a croupier.

Her suspense fiction, Vengeance Of A Jilted Dressmaker, is a riveting slow burner of unrequited love, betrayal, and murder. Also, two haiku books, Modern Day Japanese Haiku and Wildly Random Haiku, and a short poetry book of 15 words +-, The Crux of Being, bleeding from the heart.

All ebooks are on, Amazon Kindle, Barnes, and Noble, etc.

She is a self-taught artist and began painting circa 2013. There are over 300 paintings, mainly in acrylic of portraits, landscapes, and abstracts in her collection.