Dave McGowan
Designer, Painter, Photographer, lover of original thought.
Gatherer of Stones
Fascinated by Pirate Glass

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Pirate Glass.
When Pirate Glass is driven ashore it concludes a journey that may have taken several hundreds of years, the Ocean does not easily give up it's secrets.
It begins as Rum flasks and Ale bottles, 'black glass', discarded into the sea, the glass is broken and tumbled by the waves, scoured and shaped by the shifting sands and is moved around inexorably by the tides until it is finally cast ashore.
In manufacture Iron and manganese and other compounds are mixed with the bottle glass to darken it to keep light from the contents, these react with the natural chemical composition of the Sea to create beautiful patinas and dark mysterious rinds on the surface of the glass while underneath glow fabulous Rum bottle reds, yellows and greens.
Each piece is unique, a one-off gift of treasure from the Ocean.

Sea Glass.
Not as uncommon or as ancient as Pirate Glass, never the less victorian bottleworks and uncontrolled dumping into the sea ensures there are plenty of beautiful pieces to be found and decorative glass, vases and household items add different colours and textures to the Oceans processes.

I love stones in their natural state, raw gemstones are a favourite before they have all their energy cut and polished out of them.
I'm a creative, I draw and paint and I take photographs, I've worked in the creative industries all my life.

all images original work of Dave McGowan
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Pirate Glass

Sea Glass

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