Darryl Laforteza

Darryl Laforteza


As cliche as it might sound, art has always been a part of me - ever since I knew how to hold a pencil. Like most kids, I knew how to draw before I learned how to write, but unlike most, I turned that ability into a passion. All the art I do holds a little piece of myself, and when I sell them, that's what you will be getting - the time, the emotion, the effort - me.

I particularly focus on creating replicas and renditions of the things that most people have come to know and love (i.e. Disney, old movies, favorite animals, unforgettable memories). I also do commissions as requested. Please take and enjoy my creations, knowing that each comes straight from the heart.

Please also know that although the money I earn will help me pay my own bills being a college student, I ensure to allocate a good portion of my earnings to give to those who need it more than I do.