Art Inspirations by Debra

Art Inspirations by Debra

I love the challenge of bringing an idea to life with the different artist materials and mediums. My journey as an artist has been one of gradual incline towards my dream.

In Junior High School I selected art as one of my elective classes and that is when my dream took hold to someday be an artist. Over the years I have taken on-line art classes, purchased art books and invested in art learning DVD's. I have also studied with other artists and learned a variety of techniques from them and shared skills. Working full-time and raising a family this kept my dream alive of being an artist someday. I mostly worked with charcoal, coloured pencils and pastels and only in the last few years have discovered acrylics.

As I delve into my art, I realize how much I enjoy to paint abstract as well as realism. I find great inspiration from nature and its beautiful array of colours. I notice when I look at different things that I look with an artists eye, noticing the shapes, light and shadows, colours, etc, ....... This is a wonderful way to look at things, you see the true beauty in everything you look at.

I no longer work full-time and am now able to devote myself full-time to my art. I have joined some Art Associations and took part in an Art Show. My future plans are to do more Art Shows and display my art at different venues afforded to me through the art associations.

Every piece of art I create is a part of my life's story, and I am grateful to share it with you.