DJ Stenson

DJ Stenson

As a creative explorer, I enjoy the process of several methods of painting. The vibrant color and texture of oil paint, and oil and cold wax suits my expressionist style. Sometimes I use acrylics on paper alone, or combined with chalk pastel. My subject matter determines my process. Initially, I will sketch a rough composition onto the surface either in pencil or paint, occasionally using a reference photo as a guide. However, if the subject is abstract, I rely on my intuition to determine the composition. I often apply paint with a pallet knife or brush. I blend and soften edges with a brush or rag or remove paint with medium or a spray of water to create negative space and texture. I fluctuate between bold, impasto brushstrokes, and soft, blended designs, always with an attention to color.
I have always had a profound connection with the sublime feeling nature inspires, and the cathartic effect of a walk in the forest or a day by the sea. As a painter, my creativity is continually sparked by my deep respect for nature, stunning and awe-inspiring. As an avid reader, settings in literature inspire my work, continually, as well.
​I hope my artwork will be reminiscent of a time or place, and observers will be intrigued as they connect with their own memories.

Adrift Series

Moon Series

Trees Series

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Floral Still Life


Older Pieces