DJ Stenson

DJ Stenson

I have always found a philosophical connection with nature’s multiple facets, and the cathartic effect of a walk in the forest or a day by the sea. As a painter, my creativity is continually sparked by my deep respect for nature, stunning and awe-inspiring. Intuition is what guides me to my next piece. The color and texture of oil paint, and more recently oil and cold wax, is my preference. I use a combination of applying paint with a brush or a pallet knife, and removing paint with medium on a rag, bringing objects in and out of focus. I may soften edges with a brush, or leave bold brushstrokes. As shapes began to appear in my work, my intuition started to manifest itself through this new technique I was exploring. My goal was to create looser, abstracted landscapes and still life that remind people of a time or place they might have been. Thematically, my artwork is often inspired by environmental conservation, and literature. I hope these pieces will present a sense of intrigue to the observer.

Adrift Series

Moon Series

Trees Series

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Floral Still Life


Older Pieces