Leah Larisa Bunshaft @Dizlarka was born in 1983 in Ukraine and spent her youth in the historical city of Veliky Novgorod in Russia. Her uncle Vladimir was Larisa's first inspirer. Larisa admired his work and ability to turn ordinary things into artworks. Larisa has fallen in love with drawing since her childhood. She finished the Architectural and Art Lyceum and art school classes.
After the lyceum Larisa entered the Architecture and Building Department in Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University where she studied painting, drawing, semiotics, coloristic, and sculpture. At the same time, she was painting canvas and batiks to order.
After graduating Larisa became an Art Director. Her responsibilities were creating all advertising and graphic materials. She took a number of courses in psychology and creativity in advertising, and graduated from an online school in contemporary design.
In 2006, Larisa took up freelancing as a designer because it gave her an opportunity to work all over the world and get free time to improve skills in painting, drawing, photography. Right then, she got interested in drawing portraits.
In 2012, Larisa’s family moved to Israel. Larisa temporarily left painting and freelance. But once she attended an artist's workshop and it helped her to understand that she lost something important. She set about to paint again.
Larisa Bunschaft tries herself in realism, impressionism and abstraction. She emphasizes a sense of space, play of light and shadow, impressive color combinations. She combines painting and graphics to open up hidden psychological meaning and understatement. Her paintings are not only attractive and interior friendly but also evoke people's thoughts and associations and resonate with them.
Now Larisa is honing her style, refracting academic art education, and painting customizations. These are mainly portraits in pop art, which she mastered through acrylic paints. She is in love with the bright colors of acrylic, which is in tune with her courage and expression. In the portraiture Larisa’s free manner gives a flight of imagination and does not let the viewer focus on details.
Inspired by the colors and brush strokes freedom of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Signac, bold subjects of contemporary artist Chris Guest, and brightness and expressiveness of huge portraits of Anna Matykiewicz and Tahlia Stanton, Larisa intends to paint in impudent deliberately careless strokes and play with textures and light. She uses symbols to emphasize the special implications.
Larisa continues to work in graphic design and creates wall decor and clocks for modern interiors. She is practiced in a variety of materials and techniques, which expands her skills and capabilities.

Artist Statement
Larisa believes that being an artist is not Larisa’s choice, this is the path she follows. Her canvas is like a way in which her inner world is reflected. Larisa conveys her thoughts, feelings, and experiences through images that have their own energy. This energy is transformed and returned to her from her viewer, doubled and balanced. This exchange of energies enriches her and her admirers and allows them to perceive and understand each other better.

More about artist, her exhibitions, experience, education here https://dizlarka.com/