Ascension Art by Delilah Sesson

Ascension Art by Delilah Sesson

Ascension Art represents the ancient spirits that have led us to where we all stand as a people today. The earth, the skies and the oceans all breathing and singing together to nourish one people.

The Kemetic Ascended Master Ancestors guide us daily in our individual quests for perfection, but in truth there is no perfection without oneness.

DIVINE ORDER® has designed an innovative, compelling and extremely visionary new Ascension Art Line. Delilah Sesson, the Artist/Chief Executive Officer and company founder, has worked in the art, fashion, retail and metaphysical industries for over 25 years. Her expertise in fine art, the metaphysical and healing arts has led her to acquire a very high-end clientele that have supported her work, healing, apparel and art, until this very day.



Ascension Art