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Mr. Leon Nguyen is an extremely talented artist residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and has sold his paintings to many sophisticated art aficionados all across the globe.

We have many stunning limited edition paintings and prints for you to enjoy.

His focus is with oil paintings and he puts every ounce of love and passion into each of his pieces.

We will be showing works of other artists who fit our vision and objectives. First and foremost a high quality of artistic talent must be present for any piece to be featured in our gallery.

Our experience with the bricks and mortar galleries has left us with tremendous understanding as to what is demanded by our clientele in terms of exclusivity, quality, and service.

Every piece of art will also come with a fascinating story. That is what we feel separates us from other artists. We believe you should appreciate the beauty of the art as well as simultaneously appreciating the great story behind each piece.

We are extremely selective of the artists we choose to feature their art in our gallery and Mr. Leon Nguyen has a keen eye for talent as well as for finding interesting artists with a great story behind them.

Should you have any questions please feel welcome to contact us.

You may visit our website to discover more about Mr. Leon Nguyen and the other artists he has personally hand selected.

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Abstract - Animals - KOI

Abstract - Animals - LIONS

Abstract - People - WARRIORS

Abstract - People - FEMALES

Abstract - Landscapes - MOUNTAINS

Abstract - Landscapes - FLOWERS

Abstract - Landscapes - TREES

Abstract - Dreamscapes - MISC.

Abstract - Patterns - DESIGNS

Photographs - Landscapes - URBAN

Photographs - Landscapes - NATURE

Photographs - People - STYLE

Photographs - World - VIETNAM

Sculptures - Animals - LIONS

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