Dina PI

Dina PI


I am the young artist living in New York city. I love to work with different styles and different subjects. From them all, I enjoy painting the most, and I am trying to explore, and develop my own key technique. I will keep updates on my progress, so everybody can take a quick look at my works. Originally, I came from Russia, finished high school in Florida, and moved to cold New York. Honestly, I don't remember when I started to draw....not because of the bad memory:) but because my Mother told be that I picked up a pencil when I was 1,5 years old. Since then, I never let the pencil go form my hand, but I even took couple of brushes and paints.

Most of my works are available for prints. Though, some of the pieces are just here for display. If you are interested into buying one of them, or you would like to know more information about certain work, please, do not hesitate to contact Dina Pushkareva:
or by phone,
You can also find more of my works on the website:
or instagram: dinapirina


Woman and a Horse on Wall Street




Still Life