Digital and with Art

Digital and with Art

Osvaldo Russo Salles
I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1957. I am based in Spain, Madrid 12
years ago.

I am a graphic designer and graduate publicist, with an experience of more than 40 years.
I have been a teacher of drawing and illustration of different techniques for a
period of 10 years.

The technique of Digital Genetics, in the creation of the works, is the collage
and the treatment of the pixels, with the application of multiple techniques and
tools of Adobe Photoshop.
In short, a work of elaboration, which seeks balance, harmony and just shades, in conjunction with a unique and original work.

1975 - He studied Drawing and Painting at the Dr. Pedro Figari Teaching
Center, in Montevideo.
1978 - Graduated from the Graphic Advertising course at the Dr. Pedro Figari
Teaching Center, at the Universidad del Trabajo in Uruguay.
1983 - He founded Taller Dos with designer and artist Emilio Bolinches. In this
workshop he worked until 1995 as director and teacher in the areas of drawing, design and different illustration techniques.

Figures, marines

Urban, animals and landscapes