Dieter Carlton

Dieter Carlton is a popular American artist whose works have won numerous top awards in top-rated art shows and venues throughout the U.S., as well as world-wide web art contests. He is also an award-winning cartoonist and has appeared in many popular artist publications. Carlton is particularly recognized for his detailed knowledge of structural elements and the many scientific aspects of art and is called upon to perform lecture tours on this highly esoteric subject. He has judged and has served as juror for many top shows throughout the U.S. and writes critical reviews for the arts section of various newspapers and magazines. Carlton works in oils, pastels, acrylics, water color, color pencil and computer digital media. Carlton is also an award-winning poet and writes poems to accompany most of his art. In fact, all of his poems end with the title of the artwork for which it was written. Carlton is very notable for using his artistic skills to raise money for charitable causes. His poster art and digital art have raised thousands of dollars for charities of all kinds. Carlton’s style of art is particularly renowned for its variety, realism, rich and vibrant colors and delightful themes. Aside from his artistic pursuits, Carlton is a licensed commercial pilot, managerial accountant and computer software engineer. His professional career included military service as a commissioned officer and helicopter pilot, hospital and healthcare administrator and corporate chief financial officer.

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