Diane Markey's Online Art Gallery

Diane Markey's Online Art Gallery


I happily promote myself as a self-taught artist - who is now struggling to sell my unique artwork.
I have my own website that I am using for this purpose -- https://dianemmarkey.blog
I favour painting medium to larger size seascape and landscape oil paintings in professional quality oil paints on stretched canvas. Yet, I also enjoy the simplicity that small to medium sized watercolor seascapes, landscapes and abstract paintings provide. The diversity of techniques learnt over the years combined with the types of paints I use guarantee that I never tire of putting brush to canvas/paper.
Australia is such an amazing country, with a coastline that is breathtaking, regional countryside that is truly inspiring, all of which gives me a never ending source of material to transform into my paintings.
I value all that I have learnt from my online art course, from fellow artists, and from what I have read of the Masters. I believe that the journey as an artist is truly a life long journey, one that I find both a challenge and satisfying.
I believe that my artwork has its own intrensic value, but I also recognize that there are many thousands of other artists out there also attempting to sell their paintings.
My unique style, I believe, adds to its worth. As my son would say, a Pink Diamond is worth its weight in gold.
I put all my emotions and skill into each of my creations and I hope that each will provide a life time of pleasure for potential collector/s.

Watercolor Paintings

Australian Seascape Oil Paintings

Australian Landscape Oil Paintings