Diana Mary Sharpton Photography

Diana Mary Sharpton Photography


Photographer; Blogger; Writer; and Poet;
Photographic Focus: Landscapes, Cityscapes, Floral, Portrait, Macro and Abstract, Night Photography, Black and White, Sunsets & Sunrises, Animals, Urban, Texas Culture, Antiques (Cars ect.), Jewelry, and Mexican Cuisine
Photographic Aspiration: Boudoir; Action like Rodeos or Car Races; Own a Studio and Gallery
Cameras: Nikon and Samsung w/various lens and equipment too heavy for any sensible person to carry.
Travels: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Australia, Texas and soon I will be adding Mexico.
More about ~D the Photographer, poet and music blogger:
I am a lover of beautiful images and words via art, photography, music and poetry. Yes, I make a living working with numbers and finding a story in the data and/or market trends / influencers. It is all about the story. This is also what I do as a blogger, photographer and poet. I love to tell a story!
Since the “story line” is my expertise and my passion is photography, poetry, music and blogging about all three, a combination of all these elements would be and is my final goal and ambition. It is all about telling a story with poetry complimented by visual aesthetics such as photography and/or abstract art, it is the core of who I am and where I headed. Each piece of art is an essential part of the story, like pieces in a puzzle, so to speak, intricate, detailed and unique. My favorite genres are love, desire, passion, sensuality and pain. So the vision would be a balance each genre in an artistic expression from a photographic point of view or algorithm where there is mood, color, light and subject matter to the poetic side in imagery, deception, intrigue and so much more.