Paintings by Diana V Brown

Paintings by Diana V Brown

Diana grew up on acreage in the country, surrounded by fir trees and farm animals. As a result, she developed a love of wildlife and nature. Her paintings are often close ups of animals and flowers. Diana hikes her beloved nature trails and takes reference photos for her paintings. Her backyard is a haven for birds and squirrels. She loves to capture the softness of the fur and the delicate colors in the flowers and leaves. Her work conveys the beautiful and gentle side of life. Diana works in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. She enjoys a variety of artistic approaches including realism and detail as well as whimsical, painterly, and spiritually uplifting.

"I am deeply attracted to the beauty in nature. I love to paint landscapes, animals, birds, flowers, leaves, water, and light. My desire is to create art that will lift and inspire others. Light is so delightful because it can make the ordinary look extraordinary. I enjoy getting really close to my subject matter. Painting is a delight for me."

Diana's studio is a large upstairs bonus room in her home in Vancouver, WA. It is a haven for creativity where she has gathered all her inspirational resources and can work on multiple projects at the the same time. Commissions are welcome. Contact Diana if you have a special scene you would like her to paint.



Flower and plant paintings