Dhiman Choudhury

Dhiman Choudhury


Dhiman Choudhury- Beauty in motion, through brushstrokes, and through the camera’s lens.

Indian-Canadian award winning artist, Dhiman Choudhury: a gifted and talented soul, with a creative mindset and the drive to be unique and inimitable in the field of painting and photography.

Exposed to the world of art at a very young age, Dhiman was under the expert guidance and tutelage of the renowned artist Mr. Ramananda Bandopadhyay. From there his artistic manifestations have known no bounds.

This multi-faceted artist and his talent are not restricted to paint strokes on a canvas. He is also a proficient photographer who is able to skillfully capture the everyday fleeting yet beautiful moment.

Dhiman has spent many years in Europe refining his craft and developing his unique, distinct, and inimitable style. This style has won him many awards and fans alike.

His paintings and photographs have been publicly exhibited worldwide, including multiple venues in Italy, Canada, and India.

Currently, approximately 400+ of his creations are in the possession of art enthusiasts around the world.

Please contact us if you would like to acquire any of this artist’s work for your own enjoyment. You will surely find a piece you’ll fall in love with. If you don’t find something that speaks to you, you can comisssion a custom piece that Dhiman will create especially for you.
Dhiman can be reached by E mail: dhimancanada@gmail.com