My art is and has always been my passion for the past 20 years. I work mainly with traditional high grade artist brand tools such as pencils, pens, markers, acrylic inks, colored pencils, acrylic and watercolor paints, etc. I am a versatile artist, I can draw in any style, examples include: cartoon, anime, comic, and realism. I can absolutely create any character or design desired. I have a HUGE imagination, with non stop character and story ideas I translate effortlessly with my artistic tools. I work within all genres (sci fi, fantasy, horror, etc) I like to work in every artistic field that I can. (Digital and Traditional drawing, painting, inking, sculpting, jewelry, modeling, makeup art, photography, writing, acting, etc.)

I've worked on many small freelance assignments in the past, including designs for The Home Depot including redesigning the front end with their mascot in the form of Wizard of Oz characters, and a large tree mural to represent the children's art program I volunteered for to help out, I've also made many designs for an upcoming high end clothing brand, an upcoming LED company, many storyboards for upcoming film creators and character designs as well. I also have created plenty of customized tattoo designs for people as well.


Currently, I am a Visual Communication Major with a concentration in Sequential Art at Savannah College of Art and Design.

I am a friendly and outgoing person with a versatile art background and a dedication to helping others achieve what they desire with my own art. I like to make things easy for my clients and pride myself on excellent customer service, communication and professionalism. I like to be upfront and provide quotes and clear expectations of whatever you may need.