"When it comes to art,
it is important not to hide the madness,
madness creates Chaos,
Chaos creates BEAUTY"

For as long as I can remember I have loved art, from dabbling in my grandmothers makeup brushes when I was a little girl, graduating from makeup and beauty school, to diving into painting on a large scale as I have gotten older, expressing myself creatively has always been the route I've choose. Art belongs in everyone's home, not the Bed, Bath and Beyond dentist office art, the kind of art that makes you feel something. Risks were meant to be taken with art, otherwise it becomes cliche, boring, dull.

Pushing the Status Quo,
now that sounds like magic, do something different, push boundaries, allow art to speak where words are unable to explain,
The job of an artist is to offer a Sanctuary of BEAUTY too an ugly world,

Less TALK, More ART
I hope you enjoy----

Not for Sale