Destreet Art Gallery Africa

Destreet Art Gallery Africa

I am a multi-media self-taught artist, conductor, designer, and Art activist here in Uganda, East Africa, due to that order I found Destreet Art Foundation which is a mobile art project uniting dis-advantaged children and youth through their talents all around Uganda,

Please buy my art to support my foundation because most profits on my art selling go top buy the foundation workshop outreach materials so even just a print purchased from my galley will put a smile on a child face somewhere in Uganda.

I use paint and drawing visual material to create and transform the visual look of old fabric, T-shirts Converse, canvas and walls.

My personal fine art style is in drawing, painting, screen making/print making and now improving on vid-eo/film making skills generally being figurative and naturalistic, but there is a distinct and recurring passion for non-objective African painting form

My current Installation skills are environment friendly as am now making art from disposed plastic bottles and broken furniture. The final works am producing from my installation perspective are to be used as trash-cans and this is a new style of Public art, Am calling for Art promoters to invite my new practice to engage the community and audience on events as a sustainable necessary for this new Era.

On the other hand my creativity in the semi-realism kind of painting has been now days so much communicative in a such perspective that it can show case and advocate anew change in the surrounding community (we do art for the peoples’ needs), there fore I have started a national street gallery which am curating by gathering together several Creative painter from around the world one a year in a one week event in my home city to create art which attacks the political system in there non violent murals in a public place, www.nationalistically,com

Art changed my life so from now on my 2014-2016 Art practice is on how art can attack the needs of the people and communities being paintings and in installations

Unforgettable exhibition 2018

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