Hello everybody,
I'm Florian Lecuyer, aka 777, I'm 35 years old French illustrator, living near Paris.

I'm self-educated artist since childhood, with graphic school and the end of my schooling. I'm keep learning everday.
I do a lot of type of art, I experiment a lot, but means tools are watercolors, poscas, ink and P.A.O. (with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign).

I make a lot of comics with touch of humor, and animals illustrations with mixed media.

If you want to discover more than I can shell here, I invit you to see my main deviantart site "dessinateur777":
also my official Facebook page:

If you are curious by my comics, I invit you to see my second deviantart site with all my comics, "codex777":
also the official Facebook comics page:

Enjoy and see you on my gallery.



Martial Art