My name is Brandy Hatfield.

I create the Magic in WilderSpirit Gallery (c) 2017. I've been a professional Multi-media artist for over 39 years now. I've sold work on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy,Café Press, Fine Art America, RedBubble, Art Wanted, Society6 (to name a few) & my own websites; in large/small art fairs, boutiques & small shops & a few national and local juried shows. I have a gift that enables me to see how to make Just the right color, space & texture work be it on paper,canvas, a wall, or fabric.

I’m a street-wise, bawdy Southern Belle with High tea manners that loves Gorilla girl/riot grrls and graffiti and Victorian dresses that are torn and twisted with Goth-like ambiance. I’ve been free-lancing as an artist/illustrator/designer/photographer/cartoonist my entire life. My education runs from art or drafting classes in high school, to the Dallas Arts Institute majoring in Interior Design & Seattle Arts Institute for Media Arts and Animation. But mostly I am self taught and my talent is generational.

What Influences my work ?JOY, PEACE, SPIRIT, FUN and what I see in front of me each and every day.I like to take that and turn it around twist it inside out and perhaps add a bit of whimsy now and then to see what emerges. If my work makes you Smile…buy it, share it, give it away. I’ll be here making More. :)

Through a Designergrl's Eyes

Kindred Spirits