Derek Hambly

Derek Hambly

Derek Hambly was born in Melbourne, Australia and has been a professional artist since 1967, after graduating with his master's in fine art from Monash University. That year he was invited to be the only artist allowed on site at the construction of the renowned National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne where he spent months drawing and painting that exciting phase of the significant building.

In 1969 Derek mounted his first solo exhibition at Gallery 99 in Melbourne and as a professional young artist, soon became known as one of the most powerful, new, abstract painters in Australia.

In 1999, America beckoned, and after visiting the US, Derek answered that call by moving to the States permanently in 2000. What followed was a rapid-fire succession of exhibitions throughout the East coast and Midwest, including a solo exhibition at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign..

Upon moving to Wisconsin, the Madison area media discovered Derek's work.

"Today, the Australian-born painter wields his talent and unabated energy as one of the most impressive abstract artists to hit the United States in years." Kevin Lynch, Art Critic, The Capital Times, August 17, 2002

“His paintings are bold, explosions of color poured across canvas. Sitting in the middle of his one-man show, Hambly is articulate and calm. The storm is on the inside." Amanda Henry, Art Critic, Wisconsin State Journal, May 8, 2004.

"Painter Derek Hambly has made a name for himself since moving to the US from his native Australia, exhibiting in elite galleries around the country. Now Madison galleries and private arts patrons are falling in love with his abstract beauties."
Artists Profile, Madison Magazine, January 2006

Though his acrylic abstracts are his major focus, Derek is continually called upon to paint landscapes in oil, and has been commissioned to paint hundreds of scenes, homes and properties, favorite views, lakes and gardens. Both his abstracts and landscapes have been purchased and placed all over the world, from seaside villas to small intimate homes, to hospitals and restaurants.

“ After years studying the masters, I let go of them and began studying myself. I realized for an artist to develop himself, he needs to get down to what he’s about and his own journey as a meaningful creator. After 50 years of painting, I feel that I am a master of my own creative forces. I don't just paint the canvas. I am the painter within the painting. My work is my signature.”