Deniz Leu Photography

Deniz Leu Photography

I am a portrait and fineart photographer based in Zürich, Switzerland. I create portraits to show a unique side of my subject rather. I achieve this either by posing, styling or lighting.
As a fineart photographer I focus on surrealistic images. I have always been drawn to the possibility of an alternative reality than the world we are living in – away from the harsh reality of it – where the life is full of magic, dreams and beauty. In my images I want to create this magical world where I would like to live in.

My images are mostly self-portraits because of the freedom it gives to me both practically. Practical because I don't need to find a model always and I know exactly what I want with the posing. Also I work the best when I am alone and isolated.

I use a remote control and a tripod because of these reasons. To create one image i use a lot of different images and bring them together in Photoshop.

With each image I create I try to find another way to enter the alternate reality that is full of purity, beauty and definitely worth exploring.


Animal Portraits