Mom~enMee Oeuvre

Mom~enMee Oeuvre

A art teacher and single mother by artist by night. Working in the hours when the rest of the world is asleep is the best time to explore my abilitities to attempt to capture the beauty of nature/wildlife; art that already exists through the miraculous paintbrush of God. My attempts are a direct link to my amazement in His work. My surreal and abstract works are my own attempt at creating something that doesn't already exist; tribute to the blessing that He gives to us to be creative.

My world ate really never "done" in my eyes, for there is so much room to grow and work hard to improve.

As of late, my works have been of a faster nature. This is driven for my intense devotion to my mom and to continue to place monetary support into the "Love For Linda" fund, that supports travel and stay for family and friends who travel many miles to support her in a rehabilitation hospital after she suffered a medical tragedy.

"Mom~enMee Oevre" gallery is a combination of my own personal works, my mother's works, and collaborative works of the both of us. I have used the POWER of our innate need to create to help my mom's fine motor rehabilitation and emotional comfort. She has blown me away with her hard work to rehabilitate (much pain and diligence!)! Her love for her family has kept her working hard. Her grace during this life challenge has made her my hero!

All work here has been created through the admiration of His art, a single mother's love for her children to make a better life, a woman's struggle (Linda) to rehabilitate, and a loving bond between mother and daughter.

We hope you enjoy!