Millie Moo Photography

Millie Moo Photography

My name is Denise Williams and with my husband we love being able to call Fremantle,Western Australia our home. For some years now I have had a passion for photography after purchasing my first DSLR in 2011 with wildlife and nature my main focus.

For me there is no better stress buster than having a camera in my hands looking through the lens at the intricate patterns of a flower petal or waiting patiently to create a split second connection with a tiny bird for example. I often apply digital art effects to my original photographs to make them that little bit different, and which I feel provides the opportunity to create colourful prints for framing.

Why Millie Moo? Well, Millie is our wonderful dog. She is getting on in years but brings a huge amount of joy, unconditional love and laughter into our lives. Just looking at her makes me want to pick up the camera.

With friends and family constantly urging me that I do something more with my photos, Millie Moo Photography was born! I hope you get as much pleasure from looking at my pictures as I did creating them.