Denise Nelson Art

Denise Nelson Art

My name is Denise Nelson and I am a painter. In elementary school, I once walked into a friend's house whose dad was an architect. He built a very edgy contemporary home for the 70's and it was filled with wonderful art. It was there I saw my first abstract painting. I was hooked. I loved everything abstract, modern and colorful.

Years later, I began painting for myself while going through chemotherapy. It helped quiet my brain. I don't know how else to explain it. It calmed me and centered me during a difficult time. As I painted for myself, family members began requesting certain pieces. From there it has grown and now I am offering them to anyone who loves blues and aquas. I paint with my focus on color and what I can do with those colors and what feeling I can evoke with them.

Aqua tree is my favorite acrylic painting of a flowering tree in springtime with all of its wonderful blossoms on the tree gently falling to the ground. Available for print orders. Original no longer available.


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