Denise Messenger Horse Art

Denise Messenger Horse Art

As a child, Denise grew up in rural Malibu. Her first experience on a horse was at ten years old. From that time on, she road in her neighborhood and the most memorable times were on the beach and on a 100-acre parcel which was vacant and rumored to have had Indians living there in the past. It was not uncommon to find arrowheads.

Denise has studied under the direction of Diane Williams, A professional teacher and horse artist from Calgary, Canada. She also has taken lessons from many different artists and has gained inspiration and experience from them. She holds a BA Degree in Communication and Journalism studies, along with Certifications in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Her education has contributed to her ability to communicate with an artistic flair in her paintings.

Over the years, Denise has created horse works of art in acrylics by experimenting between "fauve" and transparent painting techniques. Her style is described as impressionistic and expressionistic, as she captures the spiritual and majestic nature of horses. Her repeat clients connect to her work and feel her paintings bring joy to them daily.

There are no boundaries she is not willing to try in using brilliant light and color. Her paint strokes can be bold, fluid and targeted depending on the landscape.

With Denise, the initial rough draft of a painting changes over the course of time and the raw emotion she is experiencing translates onto canvas. There is a degree of suspense in painting that most artists agree upon. She practices problem solving techniques on each canvas she paints. "There are times when I initially start a new canvas and truly don't know what the result is going to be. It can feel liberating." This is where it is reflected as a gift in the unrivaled spirits in horses.

You will find Denise’s paintings at numerous galleries throughout Southern California.