Denes Agnes Dora

Denes Agnes Dora

I've got web page with my works: 2017 but I like to surprise the spectator with new peace's from the past and present as well.There you can find my two other first series as well - the body parts - where I painted legs, arms, lips in big.Visually the continuation of body parts can be a video where I filmed guys speaking in a bed about several subjects even about light. Other was landscapes with routes and I exhibited them at Tűzraktér at 2006 and painted on the wall the rest of routes and roads to connect them to each other as a labyrinthine and had already the logic of building one picture. Some of those pictures were at first at the web deviant-art. Right before my diploma works I painted a series with household machines where I mentioned as well the theory of Marx about work and the relation to work and people. Next to every of those objects there was a text with a name. Some of the images I offer here got so long imaginative ways to live as you can drive in new realities and stories connected to those images. I painted and sculptured electricity poles under the fantasy to draw a big hug around the earth as a result. I made a book with colors where in every two page you can find a collection of objects with a certain color. Like yellow page, blue page, green page. How lot of people follow me to present an art book. Even people faces can revive on the selected works. I travelled in French territories as well so it's good to translate evoked worlds around the images in English, Hungarian and French. However sometimes all those images are so a present even I work already on new ones after looking around and try to drive the way of the effect. Images sometimes opens new connections between people's mind to let the spirits to survive them and let the presence and meaning freely transforming as it needs. Texts borned when the artworks, they just was not public before. I thought in frame structure with the University I was accepted with figurative monochrome and after it I did it again just better and blue thinking about Picasso blue period.

Drawings for colorchanging




Keep the distance

Visual essay, Up and down, passed?


old paintings



Early works


Early graphisme


Black bull