Evgeny Fedorishchev

Evgeny Fedorishchev


My name’s Evgeny Fedorishchev. I was born in a township of Kalach, Voronezh region, Russia on 12.04.1948.
I was taught at Technical College of Folk Arts in Pavlovo on the Oka river, Nizhny Novgorod region and left it with a certificate of Art Metal Processing in 1966.
For a long time I was engaged in monumental mural painting decorating the interior and exterior of the buildings in Krasnoyarsk under the guidance of a famous artist Valerian Slobodkin.
Coming back to the city of Voronezh in 1993 I started painting landscapes, still lifes and portraits. I take part in the city, regional and foreign exhibitions in the way of easel painting, graphic arts. Now I mainly tend to landscapes, still life and portrait painting. My pictures were sold to the US and the UK.

Portrait of Sir Winston Churchill

The portrait of Princess Diana

the portrait of Princess Diana

The portrait of David Bowie

the portrait of Prince

Willow - herb