Art of Dema

Art of Dema

Dema Maksod Bio

Dema was born and raised in Latakia, Syria. She studied Art and Psychology at Damascus University.
Dema participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, and her work is represented in collections throughout the Middle East and Europe. In 2014 a rocket-propelled grenade destroyed her home and studio in Damascus. She returned to her home in Latakia where she continued to work, participating in a show that travelled across Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. In 2016 Dema moved to Beirut, Lebanon, where she reestablished a studio and continued to exhibit her work. In Lebanon she also volunteered to support Syrian refugees, especially women and children. In November of 2017 Dema arrived in Canada from Lebanon. Since then, Vancouver Island University has been very supportive, giving her studio space and facilitating a solo exhibition of her work at the Vancouver Island University Library. Dema has also participated in a number of group shows off campus.

Artist Statement: I have always been passionate about using my paintings to express human emotions, using bold colours, rich textures and evocative settings. But since I arrived in Canada, my art has undergone considerable changes as I have been processing the dramatic events of the last few years. While I have worked to express the trauma caused by the Syrian war, especially the experience of violence from a woman’s point of view, the emotional content of my paintings has changed. I have a renewed spirit and wish to express the beauty of a woman’s life connected to her domestic wellbeing. I am now working towards harmonious relationships of colour and texture and am creating more spacious settings to express the particular strengths of a woman’s spirit.

Dema Maksod