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dede arts

Hi! Welcome to my art page! Growing up, I have always had a love for nature and community, and my art, drawings and photos, have usually reflected along those categories. My bachelor degree is in architecture, with a minor concentration in music. Currently I am a massage therapist, and while in the program I learned that I have a niche for human anatomy and similar sciences. I never thought I would since my whole life I've concentrated on the Fine Arts. However, now realizing this, it makes sense that I've always appreciated some of sort of "anatomy." Whether it be the nut's and bolts of a building, a design, a sketch, rendering, or a math problem. It's the core and structure that make up every element of an artistic concept to the final result. My passion for people, community, culture, and nature, all still reflect in my artwork as well as in my everyday life. I hope my designs and photos can touch the hearts of many, to feel calm, joy, peace, and love.

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