Delilah De La Cerda's Art Gallery

Delilah De La Cerda's Art Gallery

Hello there! My name is Delilah Christine De La Cerda. I love to paint with acrylics, draw with sharpies, sketch with pencils, blend with charcoal, and shade with colored pencils. One day, I would love to become an art director with my own art gallery in South Korea. Until then, I spend most of my time working on portraits, dancing, singing, acting, running cross country and wrestling, and earning two bachelors degrees in Studio Art and Social Justice at Gavilan College in Gilroy. Then, I plan to earn a Master of Arts degree at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, after which I will move to South Korea to open the art gallery, learn the language and about the culture, and to teach English. Even though I have made sure to be a well rounded person in doing so many things, art has always been my biggest passion and my greatest talent. Please have a look at my art gallery and feel free to purchase anything that is on sale to add some pop to your home, give a gift, and to help commercialize it. Thank you for having me and have a wonderful day!






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