Dejan Travica

Dejan Travica

Hello! I am a freelance fine artist and photo editor-retoucher from Serbia with years of experience. My main occupation is a digital photo composition and photo manipulation as well as photo editing, retouching, restoration and colorization. I love my job and always tried to do every project as best as possible with professionality and passion for a reasonable price at the agreed time. In my opinion, it's the only way for doing every serious job. I truly believe in high standards and top quality and If you don't do it like that, you'd rather don't do it at all. Personally, I like the old masters' classic style in portrait and landscape painting and photography and I tried to achieve a similar effect if my clients demand it. Besides that, in some cases, I love to help my clients to make a decision and find the best possible solution because there are situations when they simply don't know what exactly they want, how should some photos suppose to look after retouching, what is the best option, etc.. It's not hard for me to give them some advices and suggestions helping them to make the right choice according to their wishes and requirements ( avoiding unrealistic, waxy and plastic face, maintaining a nice natural look with clean, soft, smooth skin and not to overdoing retouching or oversaturation colors, etc.. are common cases ). I am permanently trying to improve my skills and knowledge. Most of the time I work in Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera Raw, and digital painting if needed. I use non-destructive techniques and give special attention to quality and details and I try to get my job to perfection depending on the customer requirements. I prefer to do high-end retouching with high-resolution images but of course, I will do any kind of job responsibly and professionally. My attitude is that if I'm not satisfied then won't be a client either. Because of that, in my Detra Studio, I provide high-quality services that are divided into two parts. Detra Art: for digital fine art and Detra Retouch: for photo editing and retouching.


Huts and cottages

Summer fields


Colorized black & white photographs

Green fields

Winter fields

The bridges

Digital fine art