Catherine's Enchanted Alchemy

Catherine's Enchanted Alchemy

This is all so new to me as I awaken to the beautiful purpose of my life! A few years ago, I stepped away from the chaos of a long, lucrative career in Corp. America and made a conscious decision to live my truth and switch gears - devoting the rest of my time on earth to helping others find their truth, too. I am finally allowing myself to live the artist’s life I’ve always imagined could be mine.

I intend my creative works to motivate and inspire you to live your best life, joyously & consciously.

When I am making my art, I am transported to a spiritual place - it makes me happy to contribute beauty and uplifting art in this world of ours today ... I hope my artwork will encourage you to seek & find your own magnificent power and bring you joy because I truly believe life is meant to be delightful. You can visit my website to learn more @

Each morning, after my dog and I take a walk, I sit down with my pot of coffee and let it flow. Usually, I have a few ideas going and so there is always something to edit or develop. I am a note taker and have many notebooks laying around just ready to capture whatever thoughts float in – it’s a never ending stream of crazy art creating !

Be inspired & enjoy your journey ❤

Be Inspired