Deco Studio Arts

Deco Studio Arts

For the past 40 years I have been creating edible and meltable art, finally in my retirement I can enjoy and pursue my desires in life. I had a great career as an Executive Chef and Pastry Chef in private country clubs which afforded me an outlet for my creativity. So from artful plating of delicious food and sweets, creating ice sculptures and making beautiful parties, now I want to make art that is non consumable and substantive.
I have been dabbling in crafting, painting in my free time but now I concentrate on art full time. I live in New Orleans and work with another artist in FlowerPowerNOLA in which we create and sell Props, Float Flowers, Headgear for parties and Murals. So much Fun!!
Also I am taking a full time art course in drawing and painting for the next 2 years.
Speaking of which I have been involved now for about 3 months I am creating art that I could not have even thought about before much less accomplish. I like painting Bees since I am a beekeeper, but I have a different perspective, instead of pretty flowers with bees flying about. I show a stylized inside of the hive with all the pretty colors of pollen and the goldenness of honey, along with other stylized flowers and fauna.
One of the major factors in my life was a near death experience about 3 years ago, since then I tend to paint on a religious theme occasionally. I like trying to show spirits and angels that live among us and try to guide us through life.
Looking around my studio there are many styles of art and many more to come but I see lots of color, I love color!!

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