Oil Paintings by Debra-ann

Oil Paintings by Debra-ann


Unusual as it is, I am a self-taught artist that began painting in 2015. I have not taken any art classes. I keep trying new brushes and techniques. It may take me longer than the average schooled person to acheive success, but it will purely be mine. It will not be credited to anyone else. This all began with my need for an avenue of pain expression when I began with an autoimmune disease.

I started painting with acrylic on glass and after one year started getting into oil painting on canvas. There are certain ideas I have that I still wish to paint and fail miserably at, yet there are ones that I have mastered.

Still, not sure of the road to take on landscapes or still-life and do a little of each. I just enjoy the art of painting and know pretty quickly if I have a painting or not.

I am a member of the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council in Sussex County New Jersey where I show my original work at shows.