I believe Photography captures a slice of life--a moment in time--and is a reflection of the world in which I see through my lens. When the details of a subject or image speak for themselves, and no caption is needed, I know I succeeded.

I started studying film photography in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1986. I had two photography exhibitions: “Images Through Her Eyes” and “A Slice Of Ireland”. I enjoyed showing my photographs for many to see and appreciate.

I now reside in New York City, where I see a city through my lens, a city filled with energy, excitement, and solitude. Now, fully digital, I can snap away to capture that right moment and get the instant feed back to allow me to decide whether I have captured the "right" shot. I shoot many genres of photography, from infants' and children's portraits and weddings, to photoshoots for musicians and actors as well as live performances. I relish the challenge of capturing and shooting an expression in such a way that not even the subject will feel that I have a camera in my hands.

Traveling is something I value and treasure in my journey. I have an affection for detail and shooting in close on an image or relic. Or, even the landscape of the land. I enjoy studying different cultures, and I carry their life's lessons with me. To tell a story is my ultimate goal.

All and all, I love both the challenges making someone feel comfortable with me capturing the right portrait shot!

Central Park NYC

Egypt in Pictures

Brooklyn Bridge

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Giants Causeway

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