Medea Ioseliani

Medea Ioseliani

High quality Fine Art Prints, wall art for your home decor and office decor, colourful pictures available in different sizes for your home decoration and interior design needs.

I am self taught artist and passionate about the wonderful journey I take on my art learning road.
I love the fact that art has techniques, rules and that at the same time it is from oneself and should not and cannot be guided solely by other's rules and already developed techniques.
On this road learning each of these rules is like trying to see the world with the eyes of those who has seen before you, it feels almost as exciting as stealing their experiences of struggle to self express. However, I enjoy returning back in my head and seeing through my eyes the most.

I am fascinated by the colour, and strange shapes they take while forming the light patterns. And while it is difficult to choose what can be the most exciting to see in a world abundant in beauty for me water is the absolute beauty, in its every shape in nature in glass and spilled over by accident on any surface.

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