Darielle PUCCINI Artiste Peintre Contemporain

Darielle PUCCINI Artiste Peintre Contemporain


A duet between psychology and color ...

Specialist in Sociology-Psychology, fascinated by art, especially painting, I found it unexpectedly.

My relationship with the canvas is intuitive, the diversity of themes come from my inner feelings and my personal feelings for beauty.

Put poetry in my paintings to invite dreams, achieve operas, give an idea of movement, varied subjects, playing with collages, color, capture fleeting effects of light.

In a time when almost everything at a market value of art, as politeness, is what allows human beings to be ajuter another dimension to his daily than is necessary?

This is a moment of escape that I respect. Further useful and everyday life.

These are the engines of my inspiration.

Trend: Abstract.
Dominant Inspiration: Abstract composition.
Techniques used: Acrylic, Oil, Collage, Mixed Media.

My website: http://dariellepuccini.wix.com/peintureabstraite

I let you discover my creations, hoping that my paintings will keep your look!