Darielle PUCCINI Artiste Peintre Contemporain

Darielle PUCCINI Artiste Peintre Contemporain


A duet between psychology and color ...

A multi-faceted artist, Darielle Puccini uses her knowledge in sociology and psychology, her intuition and her artistic sensitivity to create colorful canvases, sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract.

This journey off the beaten track allows him to mix the richness of the two universes, creating a surprising duo between color and psychology.

This unusual approach allows her to approach a host of themes arising from her emotions and feelings for beauty, sensations she places on the canvas in a very intuitive way.

His paintings are an invitation to reverie, whose collages, the effects of light and colors, as well as the suggestion of movement give the whole work poetic notes imprinted with lyricism.

During his creative process, the artist seeks to highlight the energy and flame of love, setting him on the canvas with his knife.

Far from the ambient mercantilism of the contemporary world, its artistic expression is like an escape from everyday life that seeks to open minds, thus leading them to a new dimension / perception of his painting.

SITE WEB. www.dariellepuccini.wix.com/peintureabstraite