Wheeler Art Works

Wheeler Art Works


Hello, my name is Dana Wheeler. I have always loved art and enjoyed drawing and painting. During high school I took art as a major and worked mostly with acrylics and pen and ink. In the 1980’s I took courses in oils, photography and drawing at Boston area colleges and the Museum of Fine Arts School. I have just recently started painting after a 25 year hiatus. This has been an interesting process and my artwork continues to develop.

My tastes in art have evolved over the years. Early on I was very interested in surrealism as well as traditional realism. I later began to enjoy impressionism and finally I find that I enjoy all art. My favorite artists have also changed over the years; they include Salvador Dali, Andrew Wyeth, Claude Monet, and Edward Hopper.

I work in watercolor, acrylic, and oil and I am very interested in realism and the use of colors. Many of my paintings were inspired by photographs that have significance to me from different times of my life.

I know that everyone has a great painting of their own captured in a photo of a place and time that is special to that person.

I believe that people are drawn toward specific artwork through an emotional connection with it. Because every individual is different their artistic preferences are very personal. A piece of art should evoke some feeling and emotion; it should make the viewer feel something.

In order to pursue my interest and to expand my artistic reach I have begun offering commissioned paintings created from clients’ personal photos.

You too can have your favorite photos made into original watercolor, acrylic or oil paintings. I specialize in landscape, seascape or architecture, not in portraits. I will work with you to create an original painting from your photo in watercolor, acrylic or oil.