Danielle (Dee) Colucci  Art

Danielle (Dee) Colucci Art


I am a bold and colorful person who is able to translate that into my artwork. I am a bit of an "eclectic" and I believe my art reflects that with its diversity. As you peruse my work you will see styles of Expressionism, Impressionism, Abstract, and Pop Art.

I have been working consistently the past 4 years and have created over 150 pieces of work that I am quite proud of. Being a mother of a 8 and 10 year old and working in this industry can be quite challenging but its what I love to do and what I feel I am MEANT to do so...here I am. My latest series is in acrylic and the style marries fluid edging with pointillism to create something I call 'Static"!

I've been working the art circuit over this past year and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting other artists and building my audience.